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The Story

Accounting & Finance Executive.
Talent Developer.
Champion for #TheWERKinMommas™.

Hi, I'm Nikki Winston - accounting & finance executive, talent developer, and champion for #WERKinMommas everywhere (don't hold me to just 3, I wear many other hats).  I designed this page to share my passions and interests and provide services to enhance your life at the office and at home.  

We support small businesses by providing virtual CFO and general ledger management services. Whether you are a startup or well-established entity, our focus is on your books so you can focus on your business. 


Another pain point for business owners is attracting and/or retaining good talent. What's it's like working for your company? Have you created an environment where your employees want to come to work? If not, we need to talk.


Or...are you striving to be the superstar employee but you can't figure out the formula?  Are you working but not getting ahead financially? I'll share what it takes to position yourself right where you want to be - get your career & finances right.


Let's connect on social media or feel free to email me. I look forward to engaging with you and hope you find the inspiration here to live your best life!


My background & experience